K V Soon

Pushing Boundaries, Rethinking Strategies

Welcome to my personal page.

I am an entrepreneur in technology and sustainable development.  I spent over  25 years  in ICT, strategic planning, and business operations and have successfully launched start-up, managed local and international programs.

I firmly believe that the boundary of change and innovation must constantly be challenged to create meaningful outcome with positive impact to society and environment. Professionally, I run implementation programs, conduct workshops, training and consulting to help organization innovate and change.

Personally,  I am a father to 3 kids, husband, passionate about social development, educational transformation. I am active in NGOs and organisations on alternative education and conflict transformation. If there is anytime left in my life I enjoy photography.

I constantly remind myself that to be more then who we are and not just let society defines us.


closing of a Dengue Innovation Conference “Dengue360”

I am happy to share and discuss, do engage with me at  soonkv@gmail.com or

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