“Material and infinite are inseparable
Appreciating their interconnectedness
is the gateway to understanding”
― Lao Tzu



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K V Soon

Entrepreneur, Strategist, Activist

On a journey distilling experiences into meaningful engagement.

Entrepreneur with experience from start-up to full operations management. Ventured and operated businesses from publishing to IT services. Pioneered one of Asia’s earliest and most successful E-commerce and digital interactive agency. Continues to actively explore into ICT space with special interest in big data, AI, predictive analytics, green and socially impactful technology.

With an entrepreneur mindset, along with strong experience and insights in technology, process management and strategic planning, I have worked with multinational organizations to developed new markets, ran regional operations, participated and managed international governmental (G2G) projects. As a professional, I look forward to help organisations transform and build value through innovation and strategy.

AS an activist, I am actively involved in efforts that supports activities for environmental, education and social development.

MY ASPIRATION is to be a strategic and visionary leader for transformation by applying entrepreneurial, creative and innovation mindset. I aim to drive effective execution of organisational transformation along the lines of sustainability principles.

I can me reached at soonkv@gmail.com or  imgres   imgres   imgres 

Preciously resided at http://kvsoon.blogspot.com